Every individual has a unique role to play in the world.  Different people have different strengths that befit different jobs, all of them neccessary, yet we are often blocked from seeing the value of our fellow because of our own self-interest.  Once one ascends above the level of the individual and comes to appreciate others for who they are, it becomes possible to see other people for what they could achieve, and the paths used to get there.

All paths are found in the Torah.  This is because the Torah comes from a level trancending the whole.  Through Torah study, one can attain the ultimate spiritual reward, drawing close to the trancendant level that exists beyond the individual.  Through its various understandings, one can be brought to an awareness of the Infinite.

By becoming knowledgeable in Torah and acting according to its precepts, it is possible to bring the light of the trancendant to others.  This will enable them to find their own paths.  In doing so, we manifest the will of the Infinite within this finite world.  This is specifically the role of the Nation of Israel among the nations of the world.

When G-d created the world, He did so for the sake of a created being that could recieve His goodness.  Although He could have simply created a being in a state of perfect pleasure for eternity, such a being would be nullified instantly, since it would not maintain a seperate existence from G-d.  True kindness required a state of distinction, a created entity that could come to deserve G-d's goodness through its own actions.

The ultimate kindness that G-d desired is analagous to that of a parent toward a child.  He desired that there should be a created being that could achieve distinction and greatness through its own actions.  Originally, this creation was Adam, the entirety of humankind.  Later, as humanity grew more self-centered, a new creation had to be made in order to serve as a guide to humanity.  This was the Nation of Israel, the keepers of the Torah.

The Nation of Israel is a Nation in multiple parts.  Like a microcosm of humanity itself, it is formed of multiple different sectors that are often engaged in struggle.  Ideally, these sectors are supposed to behave as different limbs within a single living being.  By acting as 'one man with one heart', the Nation of Israel can function much like an individual organism, creating a spirit that exists above and beyond the whole, like a soul over the body.

We are formed of two opposing aspects - a body and a soul.  The soul is the abstract consciousness which unites and controls the body.  When the soul is in a state of control, it can bring the body to a state of unified harmony.  But when the soul loses control of the body, a person often damages themself through pursuit of animal pleasures.  The ideal state is for the body to be empowered by and controlled by the soul, thereby benefiting both the body and the soul.

The soul is a spark of G-d, a connection we have to the Ultimate Reality.  The drive of the spirit always seeks to rise higher and connect to something beyond ourselves.  Although we are born with two drives, a spiritual drive and a physical drive, it is possible to gain control over our physical drive and make it want what the soul wants.  By following the drives of the soul and making G-d's will our own, we can create our own personal connection to G-d.

One who maintains a personal connection to G-d all the time will be able to find happiness all the days of their life.  Even in the darkest times, the darkness itself can become a source of strength to one who has true faith.  We may not understand all the thoughts of G-d, but we can know that everything that happens is ultimately for the best.  Everything that happens, happens only because G-d wills it to be so.

Although we think we know what is best for us, the true reason behind anything and everything is beyond human comprehension.  Although each person is capable of approaching the truth in their own unique way, in the end, we must ultimately realize that the ultimate understanding will always be beyond us.  By meditating on this, we can achieve a level of humility, nullifying our will to the will of G-d.

By keeping the laws of the Torah, we can work together and achieve the goal of the Creator, bringing about the purpose that exists beyond human comprehension.  Everyone has their own understanding and role to play, but in the end, the goal will prove to be something greater than any individual human being could imagine.  This is the way to bring about the ultimate rectification of the world.

By acting in accordance with and connecting to a level that is beyond our current capacity for comprehension, it becomes possible to ascend above our innate natures, transforming our very selves and attaining a glimpse of the trancendant whole.  Through this spiritual awareness, we are capable of going above and beyond our place in the system even while fulfilling our own unique role.

Every individual has a unique role to play in the world...

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