What is this?

The Heart of Adam is a website intended to help promote an ideal of unity among the Jewish people.

It is founded on a universalist vision, a foundation in Torah, and an ideal of creating unity through diversity.

At the center of the website's structure is the idea that there is more than one available path toward truth, and that all of these paths are necessary parts in creating the Nation's ideal form. The basic goal of the website is to create a "philisophical mosaic" - a place where individuals following many different "types" can meet, talk, and exchange ideas, while at the same time not feeling as though they have to conform to any single "flavor" of Judaism.

The system proposed by the Heart of Adam philosophy is based on an interpretation of the Twelve Tribes of Israel - that each of these Tribes maintained a different philosophy, yet were capable of joining together to create a single Nation that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For a more detailed overview, check out the Questions and Answers section.

Navigating the Site

Key Articles

Newcomers to the website will want to browse through this section first. This is where the Heart of Adam philosophy is outlined. It is a collection of articles written in no particular order, arranged through their association and relationship with one another.  Navigation can be a bit funny at this point (mainly due to missing or blank pages), so I'll point you to the most important parts: The premise of the philosophy itself is outlined in the essays here, and the most important part of the system (concerning the Twelve Tribes) can be found here.

There are many other topics discussed as well, which will be mostly of interest to people who enjoy looking for patterns throughout the universe.

There are also many empty pages because I haven't finished writing it.

This system is likely to be refined over time. Feel free to add comments or suggestions of your own in the appropriate forum!

Member Articles

This is where members can post their own essays and ideas to be read by other visitors. It includes various publishing options in order to make your ideas known. Register as a writer and post your work!


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