The final push toward Jewish Statehood began with a secular agenda - to create a homeland where the Jewish People could survive without fear of persecution.  Yet the goal of return to the Land of Israel is an old one, entangled in the Jewish Nation's psyche and culture since the very beginning of the Exile.  Many of the Torah's mitzvot are only valid within the boundaries of the Land, and others come into play only when the Jewish Nation is in control of the Land of Israel.

In some cultures, spirituality is thought of as a means of transcending the boundaries of this world and distancing onesself from the physical.  According to such a philosophy, one's land of habitation should not have a significant influence on one's spiritual growth.  But Judaism is not one of these cultures.

The role of the Nation of Israel within the world is a practical one - we are meant to connect to and elevate the world through the power of the spirit, not disconnect from it.  The Land of Israel is an intrinsic part of the Nation, a part that cannot be done away with.  It is the arena through which we operate, our home base within this physical world.

Creating a connection between the physical and the spiritual is the primary role of the Tribe of Yosef.

 | Daniel Nadel Daniel Nadel  |  Current Events  | Jan 17, 2013  |  586 Views